WATCH: 'Soul Sisters' come to the rescue in Chicken Licken's funny new ads. File pic

Laughter and chicken are two things South Africans love, so a combination of them both is tasty and funny.

The team at Chicken Licken has launched a new series of TV ads and it hits all the right notes.

In the ads you'll meet the Soul Sisters a trio of singers, inspired by the swinging 60's who pop up and sing your troubles away when you need them the most.

The series of six ads are short, snappy and will leave you with a smile on your face - as well as craving some crispy chicken.

It's quite a departure from the usual format of Chicken Licken ads which tend to be quite lengthy and cinematic.

And who can forget the controversy at the end of 2018 when the Chicken Licken ad referencing to colonialism was pulled from the small screen? Now it seems the brand is back and singing a totally different tune that will hopefully be well received.

The series of ads is to promote the Chicken Licken SoulSister Party 4 meal.

WATCH: The Soul Sister ad is a humorous take on life's awkward moments: