The Burger King ad made by robots. Wikimedia Commons
Fast food outlets are well known for mechanizing food production and now the same is happening for food advertising.

Burger King in the USA has turned to a bot to script their latest ad and it's the perfect balance between creepy and cool.

Business Wire reports that Burger King used Artificial Intelligence create the add, it simulates a human brain

The bot was then fed a stream of ads, past and presents and had to recognise patterns and then "identify which of these patterns are more successful towards a given goal."

  WATCH: Burger King uses A.I to create a TV advertisement

This is not a unique concept, anyone with the know how and determination can do this with almost any ad.

In fact, US writer Keaton Patti has been doing it and sharing the results with people on social media.

Either Burger King was inspired by Patti or he inspired Burger King, either way he has posted his own Burger King AI ad and it's a bit different from the one the Fast Food giant aired