WATCH: The growing trend of desserts served directly on the table

By Lebohang Mosia Time of article published Mar 6, 2019

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Chef Grant Achatz and co of Alinea Restaurant in Chicago are at the forefront of plating this time they’ve taken their world-famous approach to dessert to a whole new level. Alinea, heralded as the best restaurant in America, is a three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Chicago that serves up unique dishes to diners.

Chef Grant Achatz (left), owner of Alinea . Picture from Netflix

Alinea is most certainly not your average fine dining restaurant. Chef Grant Achatz and his team offer an exciting experience from the moment you enter their world - a place where food floats and you eat dessert off the table. Working with an artist, the entire kitchen team have created a set of custom canvases that are lowered from the roof to become plates when it’s time for dessert.

The famous table dessert at Alinea is impressive. The table is the canvas for dessert. Two chefs visit your table and create an artistic masterpiece before your eyes. Customers eat the food off a special tablecloth that is brought out specifically for the dessert course. It is littered with all sorts of deliciousness: strawberry magic glitter, mint cotton candy and vanilla yogurt pudding.

Other dessert offerings include items like edible helium balloons and an edible work of art that the chefs paint on your table.

WATCH: The best restaurant in the world paints dessert on your table


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