An avocado carved by Chef Takehiro Kishimoto. Instagram

Japan has many ancient traditions and Mukimono, the art of carving fruit and vegetables is just one of them.

Chef Takehiro Kishimoto has perfected the art, using only a knife and his imagination he carves the most beautiful, intricate patterns into fruit and veg.

Many of his designs allow for the fruit or veg to move, making the pattern even more eye-catching.

The China Global Television Network (CGTN) reports that “Takehiro was inspired to learn the art form after seeing it on TV, and started practising in his spare time.”

He told the broadcaster: “The ideas for many of my designs come from traditional Japanese patterns. I enjoy doing it because, as a chef, I find it extremely pleasing to create beautiful objects from food."

“People find it entertaining, which I think is important,” he adds.

The images and videos are a hit on Instagram, and don’t worry there is no food waste because Takehiro confirms that he eats the fruit and vegetables when he’s done with his carving.

“I value the things I make for their visual beauty, but also appreciate them as food. I don’t want them to go to waste either,” he tells CGTN.

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WATCH: The Japanese chef who carves intricate patterns into fruit and vegetables.