The royals have strict rules for meal time. Picture by Yui Mok/AP
Like all other aspects of a British royal's life, there are strict rules that cannot be broken when it comes to meal times.

The royals, like any other family, enjoy getting together and sharing a meal, but because of generations of protocol — many times they don't have the freedom to eat what they want to or even do what they want to at the dinner table.

The team at have compiled a handy video, reminding us just how tough it is to toe the line when you're a royal and seated at the dinner table.

One notable convention is actually law and if you break the rule you could be imprisoned, NEVER get up from your seat and walk away from the table before the Head of the Monarchy aka Queen Elizabeth II.

Scary but true, the rest of the rules are more at the whim of the Queen, including no pasta and no dishes with garlic. It's clear that Her Majesty doesn't like potentially messy dishes and bad breath.

WATCH: The royals have strict rules for meal time: