An American restaurant is causing a stir with this sushi pizza.
Picture: Instagram (@sweetportfolio),
An American restaurant is causing a stir with this sushi pizza. Picture: Instagram (@sweetportfolio),

WATCH: The sushi pizza that's dividing the internet

By Megan Baadjies Time of article published Aug 16, 2018

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I’ve heard of a seafood pizza, but a sushi pizza? That’s next level. American restaurant Poke Burri is causing a stir on social media for their sushi pizza.

The Atlanta-based restaurant is known for serving unconventional dishes like sushi burritos, a sushi doughnut and their newest creation, the sushi pizza.

This pizza is one of the offerings on their secret menu, which is where guests can experience these unique dishes.  

Poke Burri co-owner Seven Chan told Access Atlanta they are always trying to stay on top of the latest food trends.

Chan says the idea for the sushi pizza came from a friend.

Chan adds: “We have a very diverse product offering that is different from everyone else in the industry. We have things on our secret menu and our most recent thing that everyone's been going crazy over is our sushi pizza. Our friend, who is a social blogger, said we should make a sushi pizza. She was so excited about it that we couldn't say no.”

Chan says the sushi pizza was a hit, but not everyone is convinced. 

Neeeeeeed 🍣🍕💦 #sushipizza

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Facebook user RJ Novaking said: "Just call it sushi. Nothing pizza about that at all other then it looking like a pizza." (sic)

Another user, Aaron Chang said: Ok this is disgusting. I mean sushi suppose to be small portion of food and yet people had the nerve to turned into some nasty a** pizza sushi." (sic) 

Trent Hill Anna says: "I obviously stand corrected about pineapple pizza being the most disgusting pizza. This tops it."

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