Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll.

Veganism has seen an explosion of popularity around the world and while some vegans may swear this lifestyle is the be all and end all of healthy living, not everyone is a fan of the plant-based diet.

Recently, one of the UK’s largest bakery chains, Greggs launched a vegan sausage roll and some people apparently lost the plot.  

Among those was UK journalist and television presenter, Piers Morgan who said the sausages stink and was filmed spitting the vegan sausage roll into a bucket on Good Morning Britain. 

That was not the end. 

According to The National, vegans in Glasgow have been rocked by rumours of a carnivore-led vendetta against Greggs brand new meat-free sausage roll. 


The Facebook page reported that two mystery people were heading into one of the bakeries, buying up all the plant-based pastries and then promptly dumping them in the bin.

The group said: “A man and woman who go into Greggs at Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow every day in the morning and buy 40 vegan sausage rolls and put them ALL in the bin!  Apparently, Greggs staff are not allowed to refuse to serve them! What a waste!”

One user Stephen Dent said, “Be good if someone can find out what time they go and wait by the bin then rescue the rolls for the homeless”. 

Another user, Tony Bergna said, “They’re vile anyway, I doubt even the homeless would eat them. I’m sorry no offence intended but why are they even called vegan “sausage” rolls? There’s no meat in them”.   

One user, Cindy Swank came to defense saying, "If this is true, they are increasing deamnd. Duh".