cherry cola Oreos

Several of the things I've tried this year were definitively good, maybe even great. 

Those might include: spicy Skittles and Starburst candies, which have a pleasantly piquant kick; Taco Bell's nacho fries, which were mildly addictive spicy cheese fries; Mayochup, which would be a welcome addition to any burger; and a bottle of boozy kombucha, which could help you ring in the new year.

But the hard thing about calling a video series "Is it Good?" is that the answer, more often than not, is no. Most things that are new and trendy in the realm of consumer packaged goods and fast food are not good. They are, in fact, really bad.

None of the cereals - Unicorn, Dippin' Dots, Sour Patch Kids - was good. The cherry cola Oreos tasted and smelled like floor cleaner. Capriccio Sangria - a drink so potent it made people black out - was like drinking straight-up Robitussin. The Dunkin' Donuts doughnut fries were dry, the hot chicken Pringles were an insult to the fine citizens of Nashville. Putting edible glitter on pizza - even though the glitter didn't affect the taste of the pizza at all - was a crime against humanity.

None of it beats the rotisserie-chicken-flavoured candy cane, though. 

Who knows what disgusting and delicious things 2019 will bring?

The Washington Post