Urban Icing in Chicago created a Hogwarts Gingerbread House. Instagram

It’s the best of both worlds, Christmas at Hogwarts that is an edible, mouthwatering sight.

This is the time of year when people try to create gingerbread houses that lift the Christmas spirit to new heights, this masterpiece is on another level.

The Magical Gingerbread Castle is a replica of Hogwarts and was created by Urban Icing, a cake shop in Chicago.

They do custom 3D cakes every day and didn’t shy away from this challenge when approached by Reynold Kitchens in the USA to tackle this giant, gingerbread work of art.

According to Food & Wine magazine it took them "approximately 30 hours….and three full days” construct a gingerbread Hogwarts.

The magazine explains: “the gingerbread castle was never displayed or even eaten, sadly, but rather it was "deconstructed."

Even though no one ate it and it was destroyed they did make this really cool time lapse video which means you can relive the 3 days it took for the team to create this masterpiece.

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