Luke Vincentini bakes realistic cakes that look like everyday objects. Picture: Instagram/Luke Vincentini

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, cakes are one of those guilty pleasures that are hard to resist. 

There are many cake artists out there who's dedication to their craft have created many incredible and magical treats. 

Scrolling through Instagram today I came across Luke Vincentini, an independent cake artist who does not create ordinary layered cake, but takes everyday life inspiration to create delicious cakes that look like ordinary objects such as cups of coffee, soda cans, egg boxes, watermelons, strawberries, cellphones and even a packet of nacho cheese Doritos.

Vincentini is said to be a 23-year-old who works as a pastry chef at Carlo’s Bakery in Lanoka Harbor in New Jersey. 

Speaking to Story Trender, Vincentini said people’s reactions have been the best part, that they usually go nuts but there have been people who say it makes them uncomfortable to watch.

“I feel great when finishing a cake. A little relieved too. After looking at something for so long, you kind of just start nit-picking every little thing. I do that with my cakes but that’s what makes them even more spot on. Ironically, I’m not a huge cake person, but people seem to love the taste. You can’t have a great looking cake that isn’t delicious,” he said. 

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Take out or fake out?? 🤪🥡

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