This is how they make food look tasty for commercials. Pexels

It's a tough job but someone has got to do it — make us drool when we see commercials and ads for our favourite food.

This a skill that has been perfected in fast food commercials, in a bid to make the fries, burgers and drinks look as appetizing as possible.

Because we don't get to touch, smell or taste the food in these ads, the stylists have always been a bit shady with how they present their products.

It's easy enough to see when you go and buy the food and your expectations of size, shape and even taste isn't met, it's because it could never live up to the visual presentation.

This eye-opening video shows some of the tips and tricks that are used to make the food we know and love look better than what it is in reality.

This is a great example of the adage: "What the eyes don't see the heart doesn't feel."

WATCH: This is how they make food look tasty for commercials