Boiling milk is not as easy as it seems. Picture: Mommy Minutes
Boiling milk is not as easy as it seems. Picture: Mommy Minutes

WATCH: This simple hack prevents milk from boiling over

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Nov 12, 2021

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The best part about being on social media is that you never know what information you may come across. Some days it is a random trend that makes no sense, and some days it is a tip that you are shocked you survived without all these years.

Browsing through Twitter this week I came across a hack that prevents milk from boiling over – I’m sure you also did not know about it – did you?

Boiling milk is not as easy as it seems. Standing in the kitchen and watching the milk boil in the summer or winter season is no fun activity. If you are boiling milk on a high flame of gas, then you have to watch the milk. Continuously.

Taking to Twitter, Doctor and author Nandita Iyer shared a simple hack to prevent milk from boiling over and all you need is a wooden spoon.

According to Iyer’s cooking tip, keeping a wooden spoon over the milk pot prevents it from boiling over. She also discussed the entire science behind it and it completely makes sense. Tweeps could not believe that they did not know about this hack before and had a lot to say.

Here are some reactions:

Some users even suggested a few more useful tips that you can try to prevent milk from spilling over.

When you see that the milk is about to boil out, then instead of turning off the heat, just lift the pot and shake it a bit. The boiling milk will settle down a bit.

You can add half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate while boiling milk. Due to sodium bicarbonate, the milk does not get spoilt even when not refrigerated.

Another trick is to rub a bar of butter on the rim of the pot in which the milk has to be boiled. This way the boiled milk will never come out of the pot.

Thinking back to all those times my mom made me wait for the milk to boil! If only I knew about these hacks back then.

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