You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who loves chicken more than Akshat Singh. Pexels
Akshat Singh is an Indian tween who loves to dance, but he also loves food.

His appearance on the Australian TV show Little Big Shots has helped to make him an internet sensation.

He's a happy-go-lucky boy who was there to show off his dance moves, but when quizzed about his love for food he couldn't stop gushing about food.

The interview was quickly turned into a meme on social media and will really warm your heart — because who doesn't love chicken

The producers of the show were quick to point out though that their talented guest is more than just a food-lover.

This was also not Akshat's first TV appearance — a few years ago he was guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show and had Americans smiling broadly.

His lighthearted comments about chicken has once again proved that kids also have strong opinions about food, what they like and don't like and it would rival some of the top Chef's anywhere in the world for sage advice.