The beer that can boost your sex drive. Cerne Abbas Brewery

There are plenty of foods recommended for those looking to get lucky, like strawberries, chocolate and oysters, just to name a few.

But, have you ever stopped for a second to consider that beer could be the key to a happy sex life?

Well, these UK brewers have unveiled a new beer which they claim has been designed to boost your sex drive.

According to a report published in UK tablod, The Sun, Cerne Abbas Brewery has launched Watercress Warrior -  which uses the aquatic plant’s seeds as its key ingredient, which they believe does just that.

The brew is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E which are also known to increase virility. 

It's been made using hops, watercress seeds and 1,000 litres of spring water from natural springs at The Watercress Company’s farm near Dorchester. 

The makers describe it as “a delightfully hoppy brew with a refreshing citrus bite which contrasts deliciously with the peppery hit of the watercress"

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According to news report, a representative of The Watercress Company, James Harper says Cerne Abbas is one of the first places watercress was grown and also the location of a brewery which they were very keen to work with. 

The beer's logo is also a Cerne Abbas - a folklore giant associated with fertility.

"Watercress is a great health food packed full of vitamins and nutrients that help boost fertility,” says Harper.

Head Brewer at Cerne Abbas Brewery, Vic Irvine also told The Sun that they love a challenge and were fascinated by the prospect of a watercress beer when The Watercress Company approached them. 

"The fact that we can use spring water direct from the watercress farm adds to the story and local provenance” he said.

Right now, the beer is only available in the UK.

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