What really happened when a student died after eating leftover pasta. Pexels

In 2008 a Belgian student died, in part due to the pasta leftovers he had eaten.

Now, a 2011 study that was published by the US National Center for biotechnology Information has been explained in a YouTube video that has gone viral.

The video is titled Sudden Death of A Young Adult Associated with Bacillus cereus Food Poisoning and takes you step by step through what happened.

The 20-year-old student, known only as A.J reportedly died 10 hours after eating the pasta.

According to the study of the incident, A.J had eaten a spaghetti with tomato sauce dish that was made almost a week earlier.

The pasta had been left in the kitchen and was not put in the fridge, but left at room temperature.

He reheated the food and left home to play sport, but soon returned because of a headache, stomach pains and nausea.

When he got home he couldn’t stop vomiting and by midnight was very ill. It’s also been confirmed that he took no medication and only drank water when he wasn’t feeling well.

Delish.com reports that “both the pasta and pasta sauce were tested and an autopsy was conducted.”

“The latter found liver necrosis, acute pancreatitis, and Bacillus cereus, a bacteria that was also found in the pasta sample. That same bacteria is known for causing "fried rice syndrome," or toxic food poisoning-like symptoms associated with eating food that's been sitting at room temperature for too long.”

This tragic story is a warning to properly store your food and alway take into account what it is you made, the ingredients and the best way to preserve it to eat later.

WATCH: What really happened when a student died after eating leftover pasta