WATCH: Would you pay R1,000 for a chocolate? Here’s the viral chocolate bar that everyone is talking about

Viral Fix chocolate. Picture: Instagram

Viral Fix chocolate. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 4, 2024


Would you pay up to R1,000 for a bar of chocolate?

First, we had the popular Prime Hydration drink, now we have this viral chocolate bar from Dubai.

The chocolate originates from a Dubai confectionery called ‘Fix Dessert Chocolatier‘ and is very difficult to come by outside of the country.

However, they have made their way to South African shores and people are paying up to R1,000 for one slab.

While the thick chocolate comes with different fillings, it appears that the one filled with pistachio paste and toasted kunafa puff pastry is the most popular.

TikTok is flooded with videos of people cracking open the chocolate bar to reveal the centre and then eating the crunchy delight.

While people seem to really enjoy the chocolate many are saying that they will rather wait until the price of the chocolate comes down in the same way that the Prime Hydration drink eventually decreased in price.

When the drink first came out and went viral, people were paying up to R300 or R400 for one bottle. However, now you can now pay as little as R3 for a bottle.

TikTok user took to the app to share that she got her hands on the chocolate bar and paid R1,000 for it. R1000 for Viral Dubai Chocolate ???!!! You better FIX my life !!!! 🤯![CDATA[]]>🇿![CDATA[]]>🇦![CDATA[]]>🇿![CDATA[]]>🇦 #SAMA28 #southafrica #johannesburg #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viralchocolate #fix ♬ original sound - her.

In the video we see her and her brother do a taste test.

While she clearly loves it, her brother seems less impressed.

Many people in the comments section are saying that they will wait until the price of the chocolate comes down just like that of the Prime drink did.

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