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Friday, June 24, 2022

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We see the bones but where’s the chicken? Tito Mboweni’s latest boiled chicken dish has Twitter in stitches

Tito Mboweni’s latest chicken dish. Picture: Twitter

Tito Mboweni’s latest chicken dish. Picture: Twitter

Published Jun 9, 2022


Tito Mboweni has proven time and time again that he definitely ain't no Gordon Ramsay, but the man really loves to cook.

He’s not shy to show off his culinary skills and often takes to Twitter to share his creative dishes.

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He even shares step-by-step posts for those who wish to also make the dishes.

But while Mboweni might be impressed with his own efforts, tweeps are often left in stitches or confused by what he makes.

Some of his dishes do look a bit unappetising, and his methods are questionable. From using way too much garlic to his poor knife skills, his food posts are always a source of entertainment.

While the former minister of finance was very proud of his latest dish, tweeps still found a reason to come at him.

And it’s pretty clear to see why.

When he started off by posting a picture of chicken drowning in a big pot of water, we all knew that it was not going to end well.

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After being dragged for “drowning mutton” not too long ago, Mboweni promises Twitter followers that this time the result with be “tasty”.

“Drowning the chicken again tonight. The result will be tasty. (it’s called poaching the chicken before introducing slices etc). Wait for it.” he tweets.

In the next step, he adds onions to the boiled chicken, followed by another post showing that he has added curry powder and then chopped tomatoes - large chunks of tomato.

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As per usual, Mboweni proudly tweets the final dish laid out on his dining table, ready to dig in.

Of course, tweeps had a lot to say about that dish that appears to be a whole lot of overcooked chicken bits with bare bones in a sauce served with a few spoons of pap. The most prominent feature on the plate are the two drumstick bones with NO meat on them.

Most people commented on the fact that the poor chicken was literally cooked to death.

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“This is a quarter to cremation situation. Meat left the bones long ago” said one follower.

Others were more concerned about the time at which he was eating and wondered whether the meal was meant to be breakfast.

One of his followers commented, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

While another said, “So, u eat ur dinner or breakfast at 00:30am? Like how, yhooo!!”