WEF: We are pushing our food systems to breaking point. Pexels

The sustainability of the world's food system was a talking point at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Food waste was a big concern and although it was a reality check from experts, it wasn't all doom and gloom.

Global Practice Leader for Food for the WWF International, João Campari writes: "The good news is recent studies have shown that if we significantly reduce food waste, improve farming practices and technologies, and shift our diets."

He adds that we just need to think before we buy and eat: "A balanced diet must be supplemented by ensuring that our foodstuffs are better produced – in a sustainable manner and ideally consumed seasonally and locally."

No country was singled out, but Campari points out that this needs to be a global effort that includes water conservation and reform of agricultural practices.

"Everyone must look beyond self-serving short-term interests to implement policies and practices that drive diversification of what is grown, a more sustainable approach to farming and ranching, and distribution and pricing structures that ensure produce is economically viable for producers and available and affordable for the masses," says Campari.

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