Chefs weigh in on what makes a good restaurant.

Almost everyone has experienced the terrible frustration that comes with lousy service at a restaurant.

We spoke to two Durban chefs, Kevin Joseph, who is the Executive Chef at The Oyster Box and Shaun Munro who is the Executive Chef at Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani hotel about their thoughts on what makes a good restaurant. 

The Oyster Box executive chef, Kevin Joseph.

Kevin Joseph 

“The main thing about a good restaurant is really consistency. It’s about making sure that you cater for the guests needs. Most restaurants now the chef is creating dishes around what he feels should be served but in actual fact what he or she should be doing is creating according to the clientele’s needs.

The main thing for me that I look out for in a restaurant is to know that every time I go there to eat a specific meal it’s going to taste exactly how I remember it to be. It’s about making sure that when I walk in people recognise me, the waiter remembering even my favourite drink, but also suggesting new things to me that I can try so that I can always find a new dish that I can always come back for”. 

Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani hotel executice chef, Shaun Munro.

Shaun Munro 

“What makes a good restaurant is the atmosphere that the host creates. It’s more than the food that they serve, It’s more about how the restaurant makes you feel when you enter the door. Yes the food has to be great, yes the meal has to be great and the service has to be good but it’s really how you feel. The waitron has to be the shepherd of his or her table, he or she has to take care of his or her flock”.