What was on the menu at the #SunMet

On Saturday, the Sun Met Celebrated with G.H Mumm brought equestrian enthusiasts, fashion icons and foodies together to celebrate and witness the thrill of Africa's Richest Race Day 

The prestigious event had the theme African Luxury: Precious Metals and the food menu was also nothing short of lavish. 

The theme was a celebration of the continent’s glitz, glamour, and natural materials that contribute greatly to the regal richness of Africa. 

While there was plenty to celebrate during another exhilarating installment of the Sun Met celebrated with Mumm, the Paddock Club ensured the party continued into the night thanks to Usain Bolt’s big champagne reveal!

Filet bearnaise on the menu at the #SunMet.

The Mumm Olympe Rosé was exclusively revealed to patrons at the GH Mumm Paddock Club – which proved to be a crowd highlight. 

Guests got a first taste of the unique champagne which Usain Bolt, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of G.H. Mumm has been creating with Maison Mumm since 2016. 

The House and Bolt have worked together to create this champagne reserved for the most vibrant celebrations in the world. 

The name “Olympe” evokes Bolt’s successes and his Olympic achievements. Mumm Olympe Rosé brings to life the daring spirit of the House when it comes to exploring new territories in the world of champagne with the addition of a liqueur de dosage aged in cognac barrels.

“Champagne is probably one of the most versatile wines for food, period," says Bolt. 

Food from the GH Mumm Paddock Club

“And unless the meal includes steak or sweet desserts, it almost always will be compatible”, he adds "bubbles contain high levels of acidity and a small amount of sugar, and the two extremes complement elements in almost any food, from the tame roasted mushroom, pecorino (an Italian cheese made from ewes' milk) with green beans and hazelnut salad to the grilled calamari with prawn tempura and chimichurri that formed a part of the starters."

Also on the menu was a filet bearnaise and line fish tagliata served with hand cut chips and seasonal vegetables. For dessert we were served pavlova with red berries and a superb baked cheesecake. 

Desserts that aren't very sweet, such as berries, shortbread, pound cake, angel food cake, tart and lemony desserts are appropriate for a champagne like The Mumm Olympe Rosé. 

With a successful launch in 2018 and another memorable event in 2019, the GH Mumm Paddock Club emphasised why it is the most memorable feature of Africa’s richest race event.