#HeritageDay gatsby and wine pairing.Picture by Nathan Adams

Cape Town - A gatsby and a juice is a classic pairing in Cape Town fast food joints, but if you want to change things up there is a wine you can pair with your gatsby.

Because you can choose a dozen fillings and even more sauces, it was important to focus on the main elements of the gatsby and play on that when pairing it with a wine.

You might choose a polony, vienna or steak gatsby, but no gatsby would be complete without the slap chips and vinegar.

It's with this in mind that sommelier Michelle Moller at the Square Cafe and Wine Bar decided to go with a rosé.

The Cavalli Pink Pony has a juicy, fruity flavour that works really well with all the spices and the vinegar in your gatsby. In fact any  rosé with those flavours work well with this classic fast food favourite.

When in doubt, remember that you need the wine equivalent of a juice that you would instinctively pair with the gatsby so read the label and if the wine has fruity flavour notes like raspberry then you have the best wine for the pairing.

WATCH: A gatsby and wine pairing