Coco Safar has opened it's doors in Sea Point. Pic supplied

The global luxury coffee, pâtisserie and café brand, Coco Safar has relocated from Claremont and opened a flagship outlet in the Artem Centre in Sea Point.

One of the many haute couture suprises is the luxury marble, refined Italian finishes, hand crafted brass balustrades, door man, and valet parking that awaits you at the new Coco Safar.

All their offerings are supersized now including the specialty coffee and Rooibos products, and collections of Nespresso-compatible capsules for you to enjoy at home.

The majority of the luxury interior furnishings has been handcrafted in Cape Town, something the owners are very proud of.

The espresso brew bar serves a bespoke offering. Pic supplied

Coco Safar firsts

The world’s first 100% natural, alcohol-free botanical micro-brewery; with brewing formulae and recipes that unlock the best of Rooibos and coffee flavours, by using authentic, top quality ingredients (with no preservatives or sugar). 

The botanical brewery will include on-site brewing and bottling facility of signature beverages, including sparking Red Rooibos, Green Rooibos, Coffee-Citrus and Rooibos-infused botanical Tonic.

The first air-tight, compostable (Nespresso® compatible) coffee and Rooibos bio-capsules in Africa.

The world’s most sophisticated espresso brew bar. This includes 2 bespoke Idrocompresso Spirit lever machines, exclusively built for the brand by the legendary Kees van der Westen, who is based in the Netherlands.

A state-of-the-art coffee roasting machine called the Loring Smart. 

The Loring Smart enables Coco Safar to lock the perfect roasting profile for all the blends they develop for the brand, whether it be for its bio-capsules, coffee beans, ground coffee or espresso bar, to deliver superior quality and perfect consistency. 

It is also considered to be a greener option of the traditional drum roaster. This is the first time this machine will be used in SA.

The new Coco Safar flagship will be accessible at street-level at Artem Centre, which is located at 277 Main Road Sea Point, Cape Town.