What in the world? Picture: Twitter
In the age of shows like The Great South African Bake Off and the original, the Great British Bake Off, airing in South Africa, that it baffles me how people are still making horrible cakes. 

Daily, we are exposed to some amazing bakers on social media, who show off their baking skills. From beautiful naked and geode cakes, to those frosted icing and fondant cakes, we have been exposed to some really great bakers who deliver the goods. 

So how the African National Congress still orders those horrible and basic cakes on their anniversary celebrations, baffles me. No wonder people on social were having a field day, laughing at the cakes the ruling party leaders have to cut to celebrate the 106th year of the political organisation. 

What an ugly cake. How does one even bring a cake like this to a client? How does the client accept and pay for it? Surely the ANC would have picked out a number of designs that they want for their respective celebrations across the country? 

Think that one was bad, look at these atrocities

There was one that actually didn't look too bad and it's probably because it was going to be cut by the new president, Cyril Ramaphosa. It had it a special envoy, guarded by ANC MK veterans. Social media had a field day after seeing these cakes, with comedienne, Thenjiwe Moseley, offering her services to bake the cake for next year's celebrations. Maybe next time the ANC will call on Top Chef judge and celebrity chef, Lesego Semenya (@LesDaChef) to offer his services and make cakes that are worthy of a 106 year old organisation. 

He is not only a respected chef, but he is famous for his great baking.   Just look at some of his creations: