Where to go for great African cuisine in Durban #AfricaDay

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published May 25, 2018

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I asked Sdu Gerasch, chef, baker and writer about where to go to in Durban for great African food, beyond the usual shisanyama restaurants. 

Which African country do you think has the best food?

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Hmm…that is a difficult question to answer, because all countries have their different cuisines and some are very similar but each country/ tribe will cook it differently. A typical example, in Nigeria you’ll find that the way Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa cook egusi soup, is completely different yet the ingredients they use are the same. I personally like the Igbo way of cooking. So it depends on what you like and what tickle your taste buds. I personally will be at home anywhere within the continent. Our continent is blessed with ample variety of food and spices, yet it is a pity that a very few are keen to explore it.

When it comes to Jollof- are you pro- Nigeria or Pro-Ghana?
OMG, the question I was hoping won’t be asked. I’m seriously putting my head on the chopping board here. Okay, both Ghana and Nigeria have managed to execute great jollof according to their countries, tribes and taste honestly they are both 50/50. However, I’m 100 percent Pro-Senegambia jollof. It is the most amazing jollof rice ever, and I guess Senegambians has the added advantage because it is their original recipe. They invented jollof rice.  

Where should one go to for great African cuisine in Durban?
There’s quite a few place where one can explore African cuisine, but my personal favourite is the restaurant called ‘Amazing Grace Restaurant’ (Home of All African Dishes) at No 9 College Lane, off Russell Street. It is owned by a lovely lady, Mariam from Nigeria. What I love about this restaurant, Mariam prepares a variety of Nigerian cuisines which you get it every day, like (egusi soup, bitter leaf soup, ogbono soup, cat fish, moi-moi, fried rice (hers is the best by far), jollof, fried Cornish chicken and the whole lots more). Unlike other restaurants that only will serve two /three options of soups, white rice or semolina pap. 

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