Still trending: Eating from a bowl allow people to show their creativity.
Still trending: Eating from a bowl allow people to show their creativity.
Food bowls are having an extended moment in the culinary trend spotlight and it’s easy to see why.
They allow people to show their creativity and if you peruse Instagram, you will see thousands of posts of food served in bowls. 

The thing about bowls is that there’s a big health movement around them, because they provide a nutritious balance of grains, vegetables and protein. 
These bowls allow for food to look good, as well as be nutritious and, most times, really delicious. 

Therefore it makes sense that Radio 2000 host,  Tsheko  Mosito would create a brand like Kokonati bowls – there’s a demand for it. 
The 33-year-old from Diepkloof in Soweto said the aim behind the creation of the Kokonati bowls, is that an increasing number of South Africans were joining the global movement to simplify their lives, live more ethically and in line with daily practices that support and consider the environment. 

Recycling, plant-based eating and the purchase of eco-friendly product brands is where the world is at. 
One thing is certain, though – the move to a more eco-friendly lifestyle is often best started in your very own kitchen. 

“When I discovered the various benefits of a plant-based diet for myself, I began paying more attention. I developed a keen interest in a simple yet abundant lifestyle. 
“As I was doing research on health-related topics, I discovered that villages in countries like Indonesia have been using coconut shells as food bowls for thousands of years and this inspired the creation of the brand,” she said. 
“The humble coconut, as we know it, has become quite a thing in modern-day living and is a thriving industry world-wide. 
"Think coconut oil, coconut flakes, coconut cream and coconut milk. 
“The coconut shell, however, has been severely overlooked until recent times. Millions of coconut shells are discarded every month, burned or dumped in landfills. 
“With a shell that is already perfectly shaped like a bowl, it only made sense that it be cleaned up and turnned it into a beautifully refined, eco-friendly coconut bowl that can be used daily to serve all your delicious meals,” she added said.

Mosito believes a happy, healthy and full life is everyone’s birth right. 
She hopes the brand can get that message across and broaden the ideal of what it means to be happy with the simplest of things like simple meals. 
“Our bowls are handmade from reclaimed coconut shells and finished with a generous coating of coconut oil as a finishing touch," she says. 
"Each Kokonati coconut bowl has uniqueness to it and no two bowls are the same. 
“The shape, pattern, and markings are what makes each bowl so special. The world needs alternatives to plastic ware and that is the problem we are trying to solve. 
“Our bowls are also free from chemicals and are ethically harvested. 
“They are very safe for food and great for breakfast cereals, smoothie bowls, pasta, soups, desserts and other delicious recipes.”

Mosito  said Kokonati bowls are not only fun, they are also eco-friendly, reusable, durable, encourage healthy eating and are perfect for the whole family. 
“The plan is to share more of this abundance on our social media pages to inspire our friends and followers and ultimately we would love to compile a Kokonati recipe book filled with glorious, simple plant-based recipes,” said Mosito. 
Deliveries are all over the continent of Africa and worldwide. 

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