Eggs drought hits South Africa's Western Cape province. (Picture: Reuters/Wolfgang Rattay)
When it comes to matters of the yolk, the fridge vs. cupboard debate is a contention as old as time.

While one person will tell you that eggs stay fresher for longer when kept in the fridge, another will defiantly keep them in a dry goods cupboard, probably because that’s what their grandmother did.

However, eggs which are stored in a rack on the fridge door will go off quicker, a food storage expert has warned.

Vlatka Lake from Space Station, claims that keeping eggs in a built-in egg rack means they are frequently exposed to sudden changes temperature when the fridge door is opened and closed.

This means they are more likely to go rotten, reports The Sun.

Lake's advice supports claims that eggs are safest when kept at a temperature that can be maintained.

She recommends keeping them in their box and storing them on the middle shelf of the fridge.

The British Egg Information Service also advises keeping the box of eggs away from other strong smelling foods, as egg shells are porous.

In order to avoid all possibilities of contamination, they also suggest keeping them well away from raw meats.

Meanwhile, the optimum temperature at which to maintain freshness and quality is 20°C and future scramblers and poachers alike should take their eggs out of the fridge 30 minutes prior to cooking them to ensure that the shells don’t crack due to sudden temperature changes.

They also advise against cooking with expired or dirty eggs, but you knew that already, hopefully.

UK Independent