Kahlua Hot Chocolate. Picture: Supplied
Kahlua Hot Chocolate. Picture: Supplied

Winter drinks to keep you warm

By Supplied Content Time of article published Jul 24, 2018

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Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. And the coldest days are yet to come, with August typically bringing several cold fronts before we get to see the start of Spring.

Group Marketing Manager of Marriot International Regional Office in Cape Town, Avukile Mabombo shares with us his top winter warmer beverages that you can make at home.

Hot Buttered Rye

  • One cup of heavy cream, 
  • Two tablespoons of maple syrup, a quarter of a cup of rye whiskey (which, in case you’re wondering, is whiskey made with rye and barley), 
  • Six tablespoons of hot water, two tablespoons of ginger liqueur and some freshly-grated nutmeg. 
  • Beat the cream and syrup until it’s about the same consistency as soft butter (yum, right?), and then leave it to chill for up to a day (or at least a couple of hours). 

If you’re super organised, you can make this mix in advance if you have guests coming over. 

When you’re ready for your cup of deliciousness, pour your whiskey, liqueur and hot water into a mug and top with your cream mixture and a sprinkle of fresh nutmeg.

With these measurements, you can make just one serving- so multiply your measurements by however many you need to make.

Irish Coffee & French Coffee

For the Irish Coffee mix 1 tot of Jameson Whisky with filter coffee, and top it all with fresh cream.
For French Coffee mix some 3-year or 10-year brandy (the quantity is to your taste) with filter coffee, and top it with fresh cream.

Winter drinks will keep your cozy. Pexels

Buttermint white hot chocolate

You’ll need

  • A cup of heavy cream
  • Half a cup of crushed butter mints (You know those boiled mints that are hard on the outside, but melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside? Those!), 
  • Several squares of chopped white chocolate (go wild, but not too wild), 
  • Two teaspoons of vanilla extract and a generous splash of your Irish cream liqueur.

Whisk the milk, cream, and about two-thirds of your crushed butter mints in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Stir until the mixture is hot but not boiling, and your mints have dissolved. Remove from the heat and stir through your chocolate, vanilla extract and liqueur. Garnish with the rest of your butter mint sprinkle and a few marshmallows for good measure.

A special hot chocolate. Pexels

A special hot chocolate

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s nothing like a traditional hot chocolate to satisfy your cravings in winter. And this one comes complete with warming coffee liqueur.

  • In a saucepan, mix two cups of milk, two tablespoons of sugar, about two tablespoons of cocoa powder, a sprinkle of cinnamon (to taste) and a pinch of nutmeg. 
  • Heat through (but don’t boil) and remove from the heat before stirring in a good splash of Kahlua or other coffee liqueur (or a nutty or mint liqueur could work just as well if that’s more your thing). 
  • Garnish as you wish with coffee grounds, chocolate shavings, or marshmallows - whatever warms your soul the most.


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