If you need to be inspired to get cooking as it gets colder in the Southern Hemisphere, #Winterfood is the hashtag for you.

Instagrammers are using the hashtag to share their #Foodporn as the seasons change and winter sets in.

There's nothing like a mouthwatering stew, a soup or a warm dessert to really get you drooling and fired up to tackle your winter menu.

There are classics like the veggie and chicken soups, but get out of your comfort zone and area code and check out what winter food is trending outside your city and your country.

If you want to narrow your search and get better recipe inspiration search for seasonal fruit and vegetables.

In Autumn, avocados, figs, grapefruit, baby marrows, beetroot, and sweet peppers are all in season.

Winter is a great season to potter around the kitchen and try something new, like a flavourful new curry or sweet dessert so let your imagination and Instagram time run wild!