Today is World Diabetes Day. You can eat these foods to help prevent it. Pexels

Today is World Diabetes Day and diet is a very crucial tool for managing the disease.  A healthy diet can help you prevent, control and even reverse diabetes.  

We spoke to a leading nutritional expert, Vanessa De Ascencao about the foods you can eat that can help prevent diabetes.

Ascencao says the best foods for diabetics are foods that help balance blood sugar levels instead of spiking them. 

“I’m a big believer in a whole food diet – meaning nothing processed or in a box – if we just ate real food we wouldn’t have the health epidemics we have today. Keep it simple and don’t try and recreate “healthier versions” of sweet foods,”she says.

Ascencao says the below foods are good for diabetics and to may help prevent the onset of diabetes. 


Vegetables are full of fiber, antioxidants, plant proteins and essential nutrients needed to optimize health and detoxification. 

They keep you full and helps stabilise blood sugar levels. At least 70 % of what you eat should be plant based.


Try to eat only the best quality protein you can find, meaning – pasture-raised (not animal protein fed GMO corn, injected with insulin growth factors and antibiotics. Think organic eggs, lamb poultry, Kefir). 

We only need a small amount of protein in our diet – vegetables are the bulk.

Coconut oil. Pexels

Healthy fats

Try coconut oil, avocado, almonds, macadamia and brazil nuts, chia, pumpkin and hemp seeds, cacao and grass-fed butter. 

These are some of my favourites, they keep you full and they are full of essential fats needed for brain function, mood, stress and overall health.

Fresh fruit

If you want something sweet try some fresh blueberries (full of polyphenols and anti-oxidants and they are so delicious) with coconut yogurt and sprinkle with seeds. 

Raspberries, grapefruit, papaya, lemons and green apples are also great additions to your nutrition as they nature’s natural treats, full of minerals and vitamins and made to satisfy your cravings in a natural way.

Green tea. Pexels

Other foods and drinks that make great additions to a diabetic healthy eating plan include apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, green tea, herbal teas, fresh herbs and spices. 

I love green tea and the research shows just how remarkable it is for weight loss, using stored body fat for fuel and other protective functions in the body. I supplement with a green tea extract, Origine 8, which is clinically proven to be safe, effective, bioavailable and bioactive so really get the therapeutic benefits of green tea.

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