East African Vegetarian spread. Picture: Facebook (Ginger &Lime)
Food has always been a great way to bring people together and celebrate cultural diversity.

The Refugee Food Festival is a citizen-led project that was launched with this in mind.  The event gives talented refugee chefs an opportunity to display their skills in restaurants around the world.
The global event, that was launched in Paris in 2016, spans over 18 days and coincides with World Refugee Day, which is celebrated around the world today.
The RFF aims to raise awareness around the challenges refugees chefs face and gives them an opportunity to celebrate their different cultures through food. 

Last year over 100 restaurants participated in the festival in Europe and this year more than 100 restaurants around the world including Amsterdam, Madrid, New York and Cape Town have opened their kitchens in support of this unique initiative. 

Cape Town is the first African city to host the festival, which is currently underway at restaurants around the city. 

15 Chefs are participating in the 10 day event which ends June 26. 
At each event the chefs from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Angola and Bangladesh either present cooking classes or prepare traditional lunch or dinner for guests to enjoy. 

The remaining participating restaurants  are The Power and the Glory, Ginger & Lime , Thali Restaurant, Reverie Social Table and Chefs Warehouse .
Lunch, dinner, and cooking class bookings are made by contacting restaurants directly.