Celebrate World Whisky Day today with these whiskies. PICTURE: Pexels
May 19 is World Whisky Day, a day that reminds us that there is an incredibly broad range of whisky out there to indulge on. 

World Whisky Day takes place on the 3rd Saturday in May each year and this day is all about enjoying your whisky as you like it, ice or water, whatever works for you. 

You might not be sure about which whisky to pick up to celebrate, so we have asked Reserve Brands Ambassador of Diageo, Bradley Jacobs to share with us some of the best whiskies to drink this #WorldWhiskyDay. 

Singleton 18

This is one of the newest arrivals on the whisky market in RSA and has surprised many whisky adorers since with notes of espresso and dark chocolate and hints of green fruit on the finish. 

Cardhu 12 

Giving homage to the first lady of distillation, Helen Cummings, Cardhu 12 is a dram I would introduce newcomers to the category of whisky with. 
With a light nutty notes almost reminiscent of breakfast oats and a short citrus finish makes this whisky a must have for any whisky aficionado.

Johnnie Walker Green 15yr old – With it back on the market for almost two years now has re-established itself as an icon of the whisky industry in our country. With initial notes of baked milk tart and walnuts with a coffee bean and honeyed muesli makes this a perfect whisky to start your World Whisky day journey with. This is a Blended Malt Whisky which means its components are made up of only single malts with no grain whisky being added.

Haig Club Clubman

With one of the most controversial serves in the industry at the moment, Whisky and Cola, Haig Club Clubman has hit the local market by storm. 
With David Beckham being the face of the brand and being in JHB for the launch, the Clubman exploded onto the local market with already many saying that because of its light a delicate character it makes for a perfect whisky for mixing. This is a Single Grain whisky that challenges the conventional way whisky should be drank letting consumers enjoy the whisky the way they like best.

Talisker 10

I like to refer to Talisker 10 as the gatekeeper to the world of smoky whiskies. With a lighter smokiness than the whiskies from Islay like Lagavulin 16, it is a perfect way to get into smoky whiskies. With notes of sea breeze and smoke, it brings the islands off the west coast of Scotland’s flavour to life. If I open my whisky cabinet to enjoy a dram or two and I can’t decide in the first five seconds what I would like I have Talisker 10.

Lagavulin 16

This whisky is a staple in any whisky lover’s collection and for good reason. A perfect balance of smoke and dried fruit makes this a perfect whisky to bring your World Whisky Day to a close. This whisky is from the Isle of Islay which is the home of smoky whiskies. The island itself has its heritage strongly entrenched in the whisky industry and in my opinion the best place to visit for any whisky lover in the world.