Think twice about taking that curry to the office.

Let’s be honest — there are some definite no-nos for office lunchboxes. 

And believe me, you don’t want to risk your business relationship with someone over bad food choices or even worse food smells. 

You also don't want to dirty yourself or your work-space because of the kind of food you chose to have for lunch at the office.

So, we spoke to a health and wellness coach and food blogger, Bernice Griffiths about some worst lunches to avoid taking to work.

Shrimp or crayfish

If it’s super messy and if it needs to be eaten with your hands then avoid it.

Curry or sauces that contain turmeric or paprika 

Anything has the potential to stain clothes, your bag or your workspace and these might not be the best idea. But you may be a ninja and be able to handle it, but if an accident happens don’t say I did not warn you.

Salad that has been sitting in a dressing

Lettuce and salad go soggy and soft when it’s wet so if you plan on salads at work, make sure to keep the dressing separate and add it at the last minute.

Eggs are easy to prepare but should be avoided in an office.

Hard-boiled eggs or fish

These have a strong smell but you can have them if unless your aim is to make sure no one comes near you.

Left over cooked fries or potato chips

Nothing is worse than that soggy and weird texture of left over French fries.

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