Ramen burgers, unicorn toast, rainbow bagels…  The world of bizarre food trends is never dull.
It was only a matter of time until some foodie hipster decided to combine the joys of coffee with, erm, buffalo wing sauce…

That’s right, Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons has created a spicy Buffalo latte - and it’s as every bit confusing as it sounds.  Pairing the rich flavours of freshly brewed espresso with steamed milk, mocha and buffalo sauce flavour, the innovate drink is a tribute to the town of Buffalo, New York, where the eponymous sauce and wings dish originates.

Topped with whipped cream and a dash of “zesty” buffalo seasoning, it might just be the oddest drink to ever hit coffee shops.  If you’re already wondering where you can get your buffalo latte fix (you okay hun?), don’t get too excited, as the exclusive coffee will only be available at the chain’s two outposts in Buffalo.  Clearly, Tim Hortons think they’re onto something here, as the avant-garde meal-turned-latte is being advertised as available “while stocks last.” 

Naturally, people are sceptical of the buffalo latte, and of those who are willing to drink it. 
“I am sorry but I don't think I can trust anyone who is drinking the buffalo latte from Tim's,” tweeted one user. 
“Just the thought of it makes me sick lol,” replied another. 

However, as with most wacky food trends, it might not be long until we start seeing copycat lattes popping up in trendy coffee shops. Get excited - or concerned.

The Independent