Coca-Cola Japan has released a new version of Coke, and it is colourless.

Have you heard the news about the new colourless Coca-Cola? 

Well, Coca-Cola has revealed its new summer soft drink, Coca-Cola Clear.

This drink has zero calories and with a hint of lemon. It also has a clear label to give it a real transparent feel but unfortunately, the drink is only available to in Japan.

First, there was clear milk tea, then clear coffee, now Coca-Cola Clear. 

Its clear Japan is ahead of time and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to innovation- clear drinks are a trend in Japan.

According to The Sun, a UK tabloid, the brand said that they made over 50 trials with different flavours before settling on a lemon one to replace the caramel.

The tabloid reported that a review by Japan Today said that the “clear liquid messed with our minds” because it tasted just like the household treat.

They also reported that it’s not the first time Coca-Cola has gone see-through.

Back in the 90’s, they released a Tab Clear version of the pop, but Coca-Cola says that this new drink tastes very different from its throwback other-half.

Do you think customers in other countries will get to try the drink that tastes but doesn’t look like Coke?