The world thinks normal milk is boring. You know the milk that comes in cartons and is very healthy? Thanks to teenagers now preferring to go with vegan milk variants, like almond and coconut milk, rather than dairy milk. 
This has reportedly led to one of the biggest dairy milk producers to launch carbonated milk. 

According to the Telegraph, Arla one the United Kingdom’s biggest dairy milk producers is set to launch a carbonated milk drink in the U.K, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. If the trial period is successful, the drink will be rolled out across the world.  It is said this is a bid to make the dairy drink ‘cooler’-and it’s set to be pink making it more appealing to teenagers. 

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Apparently, human beings are no longer equipped to ingest liquid unless it resembles sparkling water. This way, they say, milk suddenly will become fun to drink, like a soft drink, while remaining healthy, unlike most sparkling beverages on the market. blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

😂 no chance !, if Coca Cola couldn't make #FizzyMilk take of in 8 years not sure why it's being considered by Arla. GIF: Fizzy Milk Face ⤵️

The new product by Arla is also an attempt to sustain the dying milk industry which they hope to triple their milk-based sales by 2020 after losing market share to plant-based alternative beverages in recent years. 

Coca Cola tried and failed with Vio flavoured milk with other countries having presumably given up and given in to various fizzy milk products. Now we wonder if this one will work.