The Food in my Beard guy is doing the most with food PICTURE: Delish/Instagram
We come across some really weird things on social media. From people dyeing their armpit hair, tutorials on how to put in gold grills in your teeth, to some really ridiculous food and drink recipes. 

Now, what do you think of s'mores burgers? WTF I hear you say. It's exactly what I said when a friend tagged me on a video on Instagram from Boston based guy named Dan Whalen who runs the website, The Food in my Beard. 

He shared a video making a s'mores burger and as expected, it left everyone conflicted. Why would anyone think it's OK to have a beef burger patty stuffed with chocolate and then topped with roasted marshmallows? 

I could never. 

It seems like Dan likes doing 'weird' food combinations. He started The Food in my Beard website in 2008 and has since created more than 1000 recipes. He lives for mashing up flavours and doing combinations of foods that generally aren't supposed to be paired together. 

He has done things like Caviar and horseradish creme fraiche on a hash brown, gin & tonic risotto and bacon, sweet potato, crispy kale, banana peppers, and gochujang mayo on a homemade English muffin. 

He is having fun with food though and we need more people who see the fun side of experimenting with different food and cuisine. He has released a book, Tots, on his favourite food- tater tots. 

Would I eat some of his creations? Pay me a billion dollars and a suite at the Villa Garbo in Cannes and maybe I would try a bite.