The Woolworths Hot Cross Bun Beef Burger. Picture from Twitter

The team at Woolworths have decided to put a twist on a Good Friday classic and are serving a recipe for hot cross bun burgers on social media.

The mixed responses to this idea is a testament to the fact that you can't please everyone all the time.

While adventurous eaters would have probably already experimented with different hot cross bun meal variations but this combination is a bit unique.

The sweetness of the bun and the meaty burgers are polar opposites. It's a taste you will either love or hate. This is exactly why the recipe got a mixed response on Twitter.

The spicy slaw that forms the base of this unique burger and a slice of cheese are just two more flavours added to this burger recipe. 

The recipe by Abigail Donnelly for Woolworths is either a hit or a miss — you decide.