Black ice-cream is a huge trend in the Northern Hemisphere summer. Will it translate well, here? PICTURE: Morgenstern's

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It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and that means many people are trying out new food and new food trends that will probaby make it down to South Africa during our summer, in a few months time. There's already talk of how storing gin in the fridge (or even the freezer) is actually not a bad thing; savoury yoghurt is a thing and tacos have taken over many of our Instagram feeds. But this one particular trend is one that has taken me for a loop- coconut ash ice-cream. It started growing during summer 2016, but it was too late in the season for it to make any impact. However, it's now become a big thing, with many foodie Instagrammers posting pictures of them about to indulge in the ice-cream.

Morgenstern's, an ice-cream shop in New York, started the trend and it's become a must try for enthusiasts. Like the name states, coconut ash ice-cream is made coconut ash, which is, according to the store's owner, Nick Morgenstern: "a form of activated charcoal that most recently became a go-to ingredient in everything from juices, toothpaste, pizza and cocktails." 

He told that he had been experimenting with coconut ash (made from burning the shell of a young coconut) and it was after having a fancy chocolate bar that used coconut ash, that he thought of using it in ice-cream. “I knew I had to use it. We wanted to put a coconut ice cream on the menu and it all came together.”

It will be interesting to see which ice-cream shop will have the first coconut ash ice-cream in South Africa in a few months time. We can't wait to taste it.