There's always something weird and wonderful served by the internet of things... and Kit Kat sushi is one of those things. It was joke a few years ago but it's now become a reality.

Kit Kat has launched three limited edition sushi Kit Kats. Coming in three flavours inspired by the traditional sushi types (tune, sea urchin and egg), the range will be sold at their Ginza store in Japan and will only be available for purchase by people who are willing to spend 3000 Japanese Yen (R360).

Tamago (egg) and Uni (sea urchin)

Here are the flavours:

Maguro (Tuna)

It's made of raspberry flavour topping on puffed white chocolate rice. 

Tamago (Egg)

The egg sushi is a pumpkin pudding-flavored topping with puffed white chocolate-covered rice

Uni (Sea Urchin)

The sea urchin flavour has Hokkaido Melon and mascarpone cheese Kit Kats wrapped in seaweed

So? Would you spend R360 on Kit Kat Sushi?