Would you try Woolworths new hake sausage?

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Oct 11, 2021

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Now that work and home life have merged, easy meals and snacks are a must.

Taking advantage of that, Woolworths has taken an innovative approach to new and exciting products – the latest seaweed snacks, gelatine-free sweets, plant-based options, and prepared global and ready meals are full of flavour and deliciousness for everyone to enjoy.

If you prefer low-fat, carb-clever options, look no further than the store’s prepared meals, made especially with you in mind. Its low-fat chicken breast strips with pearl barley meal have roasted green peppers, peas, red quinoa, courgette, and are drizzled with South African feta and herb dressing.

If you are a fan of curry, there is a range to choose from. The low-fat yellow coconut chicken curry has flavoursome breast strips in a fragrant yellow coconut curry sauce with soba noodles, cabbage, courgette, spinach, and spring onion. The carb-clever butter chicken curry has been cooked in a heavenly, fragrant butter curry sauce with cauliflower rice, caramelised onions, Swiss chard, and fresh herbs.

For a Thai experience, try the delectable Thai-styled red chicken curry with soft chicken breast pieces, prepared in fragrant Thai red curry sauce with cabbage, carrot, spinach and green beans.

And for seafood lovers, there’s the new seafood sausage range that is sure to have your family asking for more. Made from sustainably sourced seafood, you can choose from the three seafood sausage selections – mouth-watering hake, trout, and haddock and cheese sausages.

As much as the new offerings sound delicious, one product did not sit well with consumers. People had mixed feelings over the hake sausage.

On Twitter, @wesleyfestersa wrote: “2021 needs to end. Woolies just came out with Hake sausage.”

@Lisaleesolomon1 wrote: “I'm not a fan of hake at all, now Woolies is bringing hake sausage to its food items. Have you tried it? Miss me with this, not interested at all. It's just all sorts of wrong!”

As much as most people were not behind the idea of the new hake sausage, some said were keen to try it.

@BrotherKD wrote: “Hake sausage..... I wonder why it took so long to bring this to market…”

What is it made of?

According to the retail company, the hake sausage is responsibly sourced seafood (hake, kingklip and trout), made with alginate casing (casing derived from seaweed) suitable for pescatarian. Fresh herbs are added to all the sausages. Whether it be hake, trout, or haddock, Woolworths wants the fish should be the hero of the sausage. The hake sausage is paired with familiar and traditional flavours such as fresh lemon, garlic and parsley. Woolworths has completed its fish sausage range with a trout sausage flavoured with lemon and fresh dill, and a haddock cheese variant with paprika and spring onion.

The company said it was seeing a more considered approach to animal protein. People were eating less of it, and when they did eat it, they wanted to make it count.

“We have seen a growing number of consumers eating seafood and it will continue to become more pronounced in the years to come as consumers are actively making healthier choices for themselves and the planet,” Woolworth said.

“When we launched our trout rashers, an alternative to bacon, we saw the customers react to it positively and we knew that this is a space that needed to be explored further. We have seen a great response to the new product. We have seen an increase in demand for meat alternatives from our customers. Therefore, it was the natural progression to extend our meat alternative offering in the seafood category.”

Woolworths' fish sausages range has three variants, and they retail for R99.99 each.

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