Edwin Theron, 13, from Worcester is the winner of kykNET’s popular reality food show Kokkedoortjie.

It’s an Afrikaans series in the vein of Masterchef Kids, where talented young cooks battle it out for the crown. The top prize this year is a Mediterranean boat cruise. 

Edwin and his mom Marietjie,along with his sister Martli, will be going on the holiday of a lifetime thanks to his winning cooking skills.

Edwin competed against 14 year old Christi Myburgh, from Bloemfontein in the final episode that was aired late last month. 

Both boys had to prepare a three-course menu for judges Mari-Louis Guy and Nic van Wyk.

Edwin’s take on Avocado Ritz for a starter, chicken cordon bleu for main course and chocolate pudding with cherries for dessert, secured him the title of winner.

Mum, Marietjie, says preparing for the filming of the show was daunting for her son: “It was most definitely stressful. Edwin always did his own thing and he did not ever follow recipes, which added to my stress.”

“The other children are all really good cooks. Edwin enjoyed the Kokkedoortjie competition thoroughly and he did not let the pressure of the competition get the better of him. I’m very proud of him,” she adds.

But no one enjoyed the process more than Edwin who says he just loves to cook.

“My favourite dish to prepare is sweet and sour chicken meatballs.

I make the dish extra special by making my own sauce from scratch, which I then glaze the meatballs with. I love this dish because it’s quick and easy to make but most importantly it is really delicious,” he says.

Edwin won four of Kokkedoortjie’s twelve challenges proving he is worthy of the title.

The youngster says there are some things he’d rather not cook. “For me, it’s definitely frosting and decorating a cake. It takes a while to decorate the cake and often tests my patience,” he says.