A new wave of technologies is upping the ante on convenience and efficiency in the kitchen. "The very nature of the space of the kitchen will begin to change as a confluence of enabling technologies come into the kitchen," said Michael Wolf, creator of the Smart Kitchen Summit, a forum that explores how technology is changing food and cooking.

Cooking appliances, he said, will evolve and become more intelligent over time to adapt to lifestyles. Cameras built into appliances, machine-learning software, voice-powered devices, guided cooking systems and smart surfaces also will gain a foothold in the kitchen. Technologically, the living room is more advanced than the kitchen, he said, pointing out that the main function of the living room, entertainment, has evolved dramatically as smart TVs and video streaming have satisfied an appetite for being connected.

In the kitchen, the digital transformation has just begun. Here are three gadgets that show where home cooking is heading: 

Hello Egg

This cleverly designed voice-operated device aims to take the hassle out of home cooking, especially when you have a busy schedule. Simply place Hello Egg on your kitchen counter and start talking to it. Its playful animated eye mimics facial expressions by blinking. The virtual assistant will help plan weekly meals according to dietary preferences, organize shopping lists, order grocery delivery, provide recipe videos and back you up with a 24/7 cooking experts team.


This app-controlled microgarden makes it easy for you to grow a variety of produce indoors, from fruiting plants to leafy greens and herbs to root vegetables, regardless of where you live or how much gardening experience you have. The produce can be cultivated to your taste preferences by making adjustments to the plants' growing conditions. The same seed and plant harvested at the same age can have different flavours, colours and textures simply because of how they are grown.


Make your own craft cider at home with this cool countertop brewing machine that turns fresh fruit into alcohol and creates hard cider, mead or wine. Simply choose a recipe on the app, add fruit, sugar, water and a yeast packet. The app weighs ingredients and notifies you when fermentation is complete and the batch is ready.- Washington Post

Pictures: Washington Post