This month, Turner’s Cartoon Network and Fyodor Golan showcased an all-new collaboration inspired by the original ambassadors of #Girlpower, The Powerpuff Girls. The super-cute, super-fierce animated crime-fighting trio featured as part of the fashion designers’ bold and vibrant new collection.

It is aimed at today’s modern and iconic woman: “seductive, fragile and fearless.”  Fyodor Golan’s Autumn/Winter collection was revealed at the exclusive Fyodor Golan fashion show in London.

Featured on the runway during the event were seven of the 15-piece collection. Kicking off the display, a bespoke piece of animation created by Cartoon Network saw the designers catapulted to the city of Townsville to appear in their very own episode of The Powerpuff Girls.

The full range of products from The Powerpuff Girls x Fyodor Golan collection includes an assortment of outerwear, tops, sweatshirts, skirts, dresses and trousers, as well as a “mini-me” collection for powerful women and their aspiring girls.

Fyodor and Golan said: “We grew up with The Powerpuff Girls and are still huge fans! For us, these three characters empower you to be yourself. Encompassing strength and standing up for yourself against all odds, and being overly cute at the same time. Designing with the girls in mind was really liberating and felt very naturally relevant. We love the iconic quality they come with, in the simplicity of line, colour and mood. Starring in our own The Powerpuff Girls cartoon was like a dream come true.”  


Since their TV-screen debut in 1998, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have charmed girls and women of all ages – proving that girl power should never be underestimated.

With all-new episodes of the reimagined animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios currently airing on Cartoon Network worldwide, along with an ambitious, multi-category licensing programme, generations of fans, both old and new, can continue to be mesmerised by The Powerpuff Girls.