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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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How your garden grows YOU

Keen gardener Josephine Katumba working in her garden. Picture: Supplied

Keen gardener Josephine Katumba working in her garden. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 10, 2020


Gardeners all agree that potting about in the soil, getting plants to thrive and produce blooms or food, gives them a natural boost and a spring in their step.

Here are 10 really good reasons why you should join the trend.

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1. Improves immune system

Spending time in the sun increases the absorption of vitamin D, which helps grow strong bones and boosts your immune system.

2. Burns calories

Gardening is hard work and can burn up to 330 calories in one hour.

3. Relieves stress

Gardening requires a lot of physical activity and helps to release a group of feel-good hormones (endorphins) which makes one feel relaxed and satisfied.

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4. Reduces the risk of stroke

Studies have shown that gardening lowers the risk of stroke and heart disease, and can prolong your life.

5. Improves diet and gut health

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Several studies show that gardeners eat more fruits and vegetables than their peers and people who grow their food tend to eat healthier.

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6. Anger therapy

Doing some heavy digging or serious pruning can help you blow off some steam.

7. Creates a sense of responsibility

Growing and maintaining a garden creates a sense of responsibility, purpose and ownership.

8. Enhances the sensory system

Gardening engages all senses, like smelling fresh herbs, feeling the soil between your fingers and listening to the bees buzzing around the blooms.

9. Channels your inner creative

Gardening helps inspire creativity and allows individuals to express themselves, while having an outlet to connect with oneself, one’s dreams and one’s passions.

10. Stay connected

Community gardens bring people together and create a common purpose. Everyone has a need to belong. Being part of a community brings health benefits for the individuals, including Increased feelings of happiness and contentment by making new friends, feeling fulfilled and having fun

* List compiled by Garden Day app Candide.

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