Health practitioners stress importance of cleaning out your emotional closet

Published Sep 25, 2019


Trapped emotions are harmful

There is an abundance of inspirational quotes which preach that your mind single-handedly possesses the power to deal with any challenges life throws at you.

From a simple lift in self-confidence to addressing challenging social and romantic relationships and even contributing towards healing physical ailments, there is sufficient evidence that this could all be achieved by adjusting your mindset.

Health practitioners across the world, including many in South Africa, agree that cleaning out their patient’s emotional closet will have profound effects on their general well-being.

In a revolutionary bid to help

those who visit them rid themselves

of negative energy, healthcare practitioners have recently started using a unique method dubbed “the Emotion Code” (EC).

This technique is the brainchild of renowned American holistic physician Dr Bradley Nelson who discovered and developed a method that could help people get rid of their emotional baggage, enabling them to be freer, happier and healthier.

Apart from dealing with daily difficulties, the Emotion Code has

proven to be so effective for people of all walks of life that it is even capable of addressing generational and inherited trauma and is even effective for distressed pets.

Emotion Code certified practitioner (ECCP) Dr Brenda Kofi, who is based in Cape Town, explained that her US counterpart Dr Nelson came up with this technique when he realised that many people were unaware that negative emotions were creating problems for them in subtle, yet damaging ways and was creating stumbling blocks for overall growth and development.

He noticed that his patient’s emotional baggage may be the cause of the following symptoms including physical illnesses and disease as well as the inability to give and receive love and to fully feel positive emotions.

He then created the Emotion Code, a technique of muscle testing which an Emotion Code certified practitioner (ECCP), such as SA’s Kofi, can tap into their patient’s subconscious mind to try to identify and release hidden harmful emotional energies that cause depression or anxiety, block people from love and happiness, and make them feel disconnected from others.

“Because trapped emotions are made of energy, they exert an influence on the physical body and on mental and emotional wellness and can very often cause pain and even disease,” said Kofi..

She added that releasing trapped emotions made conditions right for the body to heal physically, and emotional difficulties could often disappear.

“The EC uses questions and muscle testing to get information from the subconscious about a trapped emotion.

“Once the emotion is identified it could be released using a magnet over the governing meridian, a major channel in the acupuncture system.”

Kofi said that the magnet could be an actual magnet or magnetic energy emitted from your body and that once the trapped emotions were released, the client went into a processing period lasting two to three days.

“The client will start to remember related emotions that are being released due to the muscle testing, or they may experience an ease of emotion and become more relaxed.”

Kofi added that because the Emotion Code was a non-invasive technique, it could be used to help stressed and unhappy pets too as their muscle testing could be conducted through a proxy or surrogate.

“They may not be able to talk about them, but if you get to know them and you watch their behaviour you will learn to recognise their changes of emotion.”

While Kofi is cognisant that confronting emotional baggage can be a challenging ordeal, she firmly believed it could be the answer to leading a happier life.

“Most people say the Emotion Code helps them feel lighter and more free, but we often see the immediate disappearance of major health and emotional issues too.”

The Saturday Star 

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