5 food activities to do with kids

Published Oct 22, 2020



Lockdown has been tough for everyone, but it has also presented an opportunity for families to get hands-on, get creative and find new ways to explore their surroundings.

Discovery Vitality dietitian, Terry Harris, says that this is the time to create positive memories with kids that will develop a healthy relationship.

“I encourage all parents to use this time at home with your family to not just instil healthy eating habits and routines with your kids, but also help them become more comfortable with handling foods themselves and creating things from scratch," said Harris.

While you and your kids are staying safe at home to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, here are five fun things to do to keep the little ones curious.



Cook together

Give everyone a task and a turn at the different stages while cooking, whether it's gathering ingredients, measuring, mixing or setting the table.


Grow vegetables

You can find tips and ideas for home veggie gardens with a quick search online. Tomatoes, lettuce, celery and spring onion can all be grown from home, so work together and cultivate green fingers.


Bake homemade bread

Let the kids knead the dough and shape it into small buns. Allow them to get creative by adding a visual appeal by sprinkling seeds on top use a paste of flour and water to top it with a design like a hot cross bun.


Find new recipes

Get the kids to use interesting food combinations to come up with their own original food recipe. It could be a simple fruit salad, to pasta or pizza.


Food collage

A way for kids to learn about the healthy eating principle of ‘eating the rainbow’. Let the kids use pictures of healthy food of all colours, and sort them into different colour groups on a sheet of paper in the shape of a rainbow.

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