5 foods to help combat heartburn

Yoghurt. Picture: Pexels/Vlad Chețan

Yoghurt. Picture: Pexels/Vlad Chețan

Published Jan 26, 2022


If you get heartburn, also known as acid reflux, you know how uncomfortable the feeling can be.

Despite trying to cut out certain foods, you still may be experiencing it, so it is helpful to know what foods can actually help fight acid reflux.

What you eat is important when it comes to preventing gastrointestinal issues, and certain foods can work wonders to relieve discomfort and prevent future issues.

Here are some of the foods that can help combat heartburn.

Oatmeal. Picture: Pexels/Life Of Pix


Research shows that foods that are high in fiber such as oatmeal aren’t just amazing for your digestive tract, they may also prevent heartburn from brewing. So, start your morning right with a hearty bowl of oatmeal.

Green vegetables

Vegetables such as broccoli and celery are low-acidic foods. As a result, they can soothe the oesophageal (throat) lining. Other good veggies include asparagus and green beans. Health experts also note that generally, fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables are safe for people with acid reflux. However, if those vegetables are fried or creamed, the addition of high-fat ingredients could aggravate the stomach.

Banana. Picture: Pexels/Ryutaro Tsukata


Just like vegetables, a banana is low-acid and high alkaline, and great for the digestive tract. If you battle with heartburn, bananas can help prevent stomach acid production while also helping things run smoothly through the digestive system


Ginger. Picture: Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash

Whether you prefer ginger sprinkled into your morning smoothie, a soothing cup of ginger tea or fresh ginger grated into your water, this magical vegetable reduces inflammation and can aid in preventing and treating heartburn as well as calm an upset stomach and ease nausea.


Yoghurt. Picture: Tiard Schulz on Unsplash

Eating fermented foods rich in probiotics helps increase the presence of good bacteria, according to experts. Foods with healthy bacteria may help improve digestion and reduce the frequency of acid reflux. Low-fat yoghurt with fruit or nuts is a great option for breakfast. Include some whole-grain toast, and you have a fibre-rich meal that won't cause you any irritation.

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