5 tips you can try for a better night's sleep. Picture: Pexels
5 tips you can try for a better night's sleep. Picture: Pexels

5 small things you can do for a better night's sleep

By Nneka Jonas Time of article published Jun 18, 2020

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A good night's sleep ensures that you feel fit during the day, meaning that sleeping is not an unnecessary luxury. 

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Then you know how upsetting that can be. Luckily there are a few small things you can do to help you sleep better at night.

Don’t drink that cup of coffee in the evening

If you're having trouble sleeping in the evening, it's best to avoid a cup of coffee at night. 

We all know caffeine can keep us awake at night. Even if you have always been able to tolerate caffeine it can still be the culprit. 

As you age your body finds it harder to recover from caffeine

Have a cup of chamomile tea

Scientists still aren't sure whether or not herbal tea is really the solution to insomnia. 

However, drinking chamomile tea before bed is definitely worth a try if you are having trouble sleeping. even if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt.

Take more magnesium

Research indicates that additional magnesium can improve the quality of sleep, especially in people with poor sleep conditions. 

Magnesium can also help insomnia linked to sleep disorder restless-leg syndrome. 

Create a playlist with calming music

Before going to sleep, many people enjoy scrolling through their social media, but you should try listening to relaxing music. 

Compile a list of your favorite tracks, listen to the calming music you've picked and you will fall asleep a lot more relaxed.

Invest in good bedding

Investing in the right bedding that suits your preferences is a good idea. Healthy bedding enhances the sleep of your night too.

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