A new platform to assist job seekers

Published Jun 30, 2020


DURBAN - The Covid-19 lockdown measures have forced many South African companies to make major cutbacks and initiate retrenchment procedures. Local company

21st Century

According to 21st Century’s Craig Raath the platform is a cost effective but powerful way to offer support to outgoing staff, as it shows a tangible commitment to the welfare of both previous and current employees.

“If your staff are facing retrenchment, helping them make sense of it all during this difficult time potentially offers them a glimmer of hope, by assisting them with a subscription to the platform, and by equipping them to make themselves more employable and boosting their confidence as they begin their job-hunting journey once more,” said Raath.

In her explanation on how the platform operates, Belinda O’Regan a consultant on the development of I Got Hired, said the platform creates a framework for affected employees, built on a proven job search process and focused on a platform for preparation and planning.