Advanced Level 3 Regulations: What to expect

Published Jun 29, 2020


DURBAN – On Monday, June 29, restaurants, cinemas and casinos will be expected to resume operation due to the advanced lockdown level 3 regulations that were announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on June 17.

Once these places resume with business, South Africans would be able to meet family and friends in public.

However, social meetings in fitness and recreational centres, exercising groups and gatherings at homes are still prohibited.

What will be permitted from Monday, June 29?

• Professional workplace gatherings, e.g. conferences, are permitted however under strict health and hygiene regulations.

• Museums, libraries and art galleries are to resume operation, to the public.

• Sit-in restaurant services will resume, by appointment only for family and friends.

• Cinemas will also resume operation however with a 50 people capacity limit, depending on the cinema’s size. All bookings to be done through a booking system.

• Live events to resume with the 50 people capacity limit, depending on the venue’s size and a total of 15 performers and crew members.

• Religious gathering will resume with at 50 people capacity if an appropriate venue is chosen to accommodate physical distancing and the venue is within the same province or city.

• Moving children will be permitted.

• Travel for leisure will be permitted.

• Casinos may resume operation at 50 percent capacity however there are no further regulations on casino operations for now.

• Non-contact sports matches will resume with no spectators. While contact sports are allowed to resume training only.

• Grooming services are restricted to 50 people capacity, depending on the venue’s size and by appointment only.

• Funerals will resume with a 50 people capacity limit.

• Council meetings, as well as gatherings, are permitted in local government buildings, only.

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